Alex Hunter’s journey.

Alex Hunter’s journey.

Here we are, 5 days away from the release of FIFA 17 and all looks are turning on the new game mode called The Journey. While I will introduce the game to you through my own personal experience I will try my best not to spoil the game for you all.

Alex Hunter is a young man from London, part of a shattered family. His father is an on and off kinda guy that is never around so basically Alex is raised by his grandfather and senior football legend  Jim Hunter who was a top lad in the 1960’s. In South London he started playing football after his dads and grandfathers boots alongside his best mate Garreth walker. His mother Catherine Hunter is alongside his grandfather. As the story unveils itself we find out that Alex’s father was also a football player at his youth but his career was cut down short due to an injury.

Alex’s character is determined by the player itself, as you get to interact with nearly all the conversations. Depending on your answers Alex’s character is developed, either fiery or cool and balanced. You start the Journey with the exit trials where you are tested against other promising youngsters. Try your best, your average score is going to determine which team is going to put an offer for Alex. I signed for Liverpool, even though I knew that the demands to hit the starting 11 are significantly higher in comparison to other Premier League teams like Middlesbrough or Leicester.

After signing to Liverpool I participated the pre-season tournament where I scored two and gave one assist to Coutinho against Real Madrid, played 90′ against Dortmund and scored the game winner. It was looking great until Sturridge picked up a knock and opened the door for a new arrival. It was Harry Kane who joined Liverpool that eventually send Alex to the Championship to get some playtime. The rest is for you to find out once the game is released.


How long does the Journey last?

It lasts around 15-18 hours to complete so basically it is as long as one full season. However it is so brilliantly structured that it gives the opportunity to EA to keep on building this story and to bring more and more chapters for example with National team games, a World Cup and perhaps Champions League in club level. Perhaps other leagues as well where Alex is given the opportunity to be part of Real Madrid or Juventus.

This game actually demands an extension and I am pretty sure that EA already has a massive plan for this one and it wont be long before we get to unveil Alex’s story.

FIFA 17 and Frostbite

EA did the best possible choice by adding Frostbite in their arsenal and empowering FIFA 17 with it. The graphics are unreal, especially with the upscaled 4k analysis of the Xbox One S it is a beautiful game, unlike any other FIFA.

But it is not only the graphics that have been significantly improved. The player movement has been rebuilt, they have introduced a lot more features especially when shielding the ball. Penalties have been renewed and to be honest I really like the new shooting system. Game sound is incredible, taunts have been placed and I recall the debut of Alex’s Premier League game against Chelsea away on Stanford Bridge. He was being substituted and they fans where giving him some stick by taunting Who are you? Absolutely loved it, hopefully they do it with most clubs so that it sounds as realistic as possible. After all that is why we keep on buying FIFA year after year.

My Score?

  • Graphics: 9
  • Sound: 9,5
  • Gameplay: 9,5

Definitely the best FIFA ever, you will love every moment of it.

Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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