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Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

Official Review: Call of Duty- Black Ops 3


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Talking about a franchise as Call of Duty it is hard to find words that have not been used already. Black Ops 3 is the latest title from Treyarch. The story takes place in the year 2065 where advanced Robotics and Nano technology have dominated the military science. A breath taking story mode, accompanied by a very competitive multiplayer, Zombies and Nightmares guarantee the user epic moments and...[Read More]

Official Review: Rainbow 6 Siege


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Lets talk about Rainbow 6: Siege The Tom Clancy legacy has got a whole lot more interesting and competitive with the introduction of Rainbow 6: Siege. Featuring 20 operators to start with and vast variety of weapons and special attributes for each character it is versatile, addictive and establishes a new era in the e-Sports world! Considering the DLC packs that are scheduled in 2016 we are talkin...[Read More]

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