Battlefield 1 Open Beta. Anybody ready for some Teamwork?

A quick glance on the game of the year

Battlefield 1 Open Beta. Anybody ready for some Teamwork?

It is not that long ago when a DICE developer was asked about the Battlefield 1 experience and how he would describe the game with one sentence. Game of the year, was his short response and left many questioning if DICE really had an ace up their sleeve with the new title.

At this point, after seeing the game first hand and playing Conquest & Rush on Sinai Desert I don’t think that there is any FPS upcoming or released that is able to match the standards Battlefield 1 has set.

Dynamic Weather

The Dynamic weather is an absolute game changer. In Sinai desert it can be a perfectly clear not cloudy day- as normal as you can picture it without artillery pounding hard on infantry, Red Barons ruling the skies- until a devastating sand storm kicks in. It is a vicious strike from mother nature that narrows visibility, has an immediate effect on everything. A sand storm is only the beginning as you might experience moderate to overcast weather, partially or fully clouded skies and a very very foggy Sinai. I am really excited to say that this feature itself defines the game as the most versatile FPS there is out there, where conditions are never-ever the same as in previous rounds.


When my friends were asking me if there are going to be any horses on multiplayer, I used to ditch the thought with a response like: There will probably be horses on the campaign but lets be real…horses on Multiplayer, COME ON….Not gonna happen. Well not only they are available on multiplayer, they are a very important aspect of it.

Unlike ATV’s and Dirt bikes we have seen on previous titles, horses on Battlefield 1 have their own personality and they vary from one to another. You might end up with a horse that really doesn’t have any sense of fear and does what it does best. On the other hand, you might end up with a horse that is a thinker and turns its back to imminent threats. A higher sense of awareness, might actually be a good thing.

Faster movement from one point to another is so necessary and in a game with maps so vast, having cavalry is a really good choice. For example what we implemented was a man on a horse to move as fast as possible to an objective (relatively silently as well) so that everybody else on the squad to spawn on him once he has unmounted the horse.

Teamwork – Teamwork – Teamwork

This game is designed to work with proper squad work and communication. So stop being ignorant and once the full game is released, get a decent freaking headset and start listening- at least. You cannot occupy a heavy 5 seated tank and run it solo. The same thing applies for other ways of transportation found in the game and especially attack planes. When the plane is damaged, the effect is immediate and one needs to repair it mid flight- while the other tries to keep them alive. Communicate. If you don’t know what teamwork means and you are not going to bother then don’t spend money on this game. There are other FPS games that are not squad based try them for a change and keep the Battlefield servers free of unnecessary noobism.

”There are other FPS games that are not squad based try them for a change and keep the Battlefield servers free of unnecessary noobism”


I will be completely honest:

The Beta test was a piece of $hit, only because of the server problems and the bugs. Yes I know it is a Beta test that is why my expectations where not high and to be entirely honest, I am very satisfied with that piece of $hit. I am pissed off though, because it is a fantastically brilliant game that should never be interrupted from server disconnections and Start button lag. It is that good.

About the DDOS attacks on the EA servers, well..I think that at some point these ”hackers” will realize how childish they are. Eventually, they are not doing any harm to EA or DICE as both of them have the know how to establish perfectly secure servers. You want to call yourself a hacker, why don’t you look at the 90’s hackers that hacked into NSA & FBI at the age of 15-16, stole millions from accounts etc etc. Today’s wannabe bad asses are nothing but ignorant knobheads with low self esteem and a really big fucking ego.


Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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