Call of Duty, a story told wrong.

Call of Duty in Space just makes no sense.

Call of Duty, a story told wrong.

Not many weeks ago Infinity Ward released their latest Call of Duty franchise: Infinite Warfare. Traditionally, in a market crowded with FPS games of all sorts, Call of Duty would arrive always late- just like the coolest kid on the block and steal the show. This…thing though not only doesn’t do that, but it fails miserably to compete with its predecessors (one of the best is sold in a bundle kit alongside the new game).

Following the path the latest CoD titles have forged, the campaign is fierce and amusing however it is not even close to the standards World at War or Black Ops set concerning the story telling. The general plot goes like this:

The human race simply couldn’t stop pillaging Earth, so branched out to the solar system to mine for resources in the galaxy (rather than learning to recycle). As the world united it formed the UNSA, but an evil splinter faction also formed: the Settlement Defence Front, led by Kit Harrington’s character. Although you would expect Harrington to bring some extra value to the story telling, he is narrowed down (for the most part) to a small window on the right corner of your HUD screaming and yelling like an angry kid losing on multiplayer. However, because of the intense fighting the dialogues can be entertaining.
Basically the campaign is pretty good, with barely any loading screens which should be noted as one of the highlights of this game. It is a shame though that most players wont even bother playing the campaign and will jump straight on the multiplayer series- which is one of the worst in recent years.
Following the huge weapon arsenal set by Advanced Warfare, the game has become a pay-to-win imbalanced garbage. And I am being awfully mild. There are really good reasons though to thank Infinity Ward for making this game.
First of all, a great applause for drawing all anger management issued kids away from Battlefield 1. It is amazing how much better the servers are without raging little creepers. You can keep them as long as you want, we don’t want them back.
I would also like to thank you for making one of the most awkward games of the recent years. Hopefully reviews like this will help you understand that you are hurting your loyal fans (the first ever CoD I didn’t even purchase, thanks for game sharing). Go back to your roots and forget this modern warfare junk.
Titanfall 2 was immensely better on all aspects. Without the prestige of Hollywood’s finest. I think that your developers should play some Battlefield 1 on their free time.
PS. Only one positive: Zombies in space.
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