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Controllers vs Keyboards

Part 4 of the ultimate gaming setup and this one here is the battle of battles. The reason why PC gamers don’t want to play on a console, and vice versa for console players. The last years though we have seen a new hybrid human, the one who uses a keyboard and mouse on a console.   CHEATERS..? That is what the hybrid gamer is called the most and it is really mild thus I can share it her...[Read More]

The best gaming microphones for Streaming

Earlier this week we made a small journey in the headset market to bring you the best solutions for high end audio. Today we will be covering the best microphones for gaming and streaming, with a wide range of solutions for all wallets. The truth is that if you are livestreaming, you do not need a high end studio level microphone, rather something that is much better that the one attached to your ...[Read More]

During the Ubisoft E3 2016 press conference, a new trailer for The Division Underground was released Here we are Division fans, a few steps away from the first of three paid DLC’s of the franchise. Amazon leaked that it will be released on the 28th of June and for all of you that have the season pass, you will be able to download it from the 25th. The minute long trailer shows the that after...[Read More]

This particular post has been ”out there” for quite a while and after a lot of research and testing I present you the top Headsets compatible with the Xbox One in a list that has choices for all wallets. The Premiere one’s ASTRO GAMING A50 If you are looking for the best headset money can buy, you are looking at the A50’s. Not only ASTRO Gaming makes gaming headsets with hi...[Read More]

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