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Quick look: Price: 330-370€ Weight: 363gr Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PC Impedance: 48 Ohm Sensitivity: 118 dB Full Noise cancellation on mic and ear pads. Battery Life: 10 hours   The A50 model is world wide known as to be the best gaming-oriented headset. Actually, take my word for granted as this is by far the best headset ever made. If you are a casual gamer the price will def...[Read More]

Elite controller, worth it? an experienced user’s opinion.

The Microsoft elite controller has been out for a while so it’s about time we got a review up after many months of intensive use. When it came out I wasn’t sure if the slightly heftier price tag was worth it and I was slightly hesitant to shell out for one. A combination of getting into competitive Destiny PvP and finding my local game store had one left made me cave in and I have to say it was de...[Read More]

Good night, good luck. A genuine Horror Story

Those of you who look at the first 4 words, probably already know what this is about. Yes, it is a long due review on the fantastic Dying Light. I love this game. I love the way it makes the hair on the back of my head stand up every time I hear a loud scream somewhere close when it is pitch dark. I love jumping across rooftops and climbing communication towers. I love how it brought all those mem...[Read More]

Let’s talk about CoD

When it comes to FPS games, one of the major players is the Call of Duty series. With millions of copies sold for over a decade it is one of the most successful franchises ever and millions of fans on all platforms. The upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare received a highly controversial welcoming from the CoD community. The beginning of the end? I highly doubt it. However Infinity Ward receive...[Read More]

Bungie revealed that Gjallarhorn will be able to be earned by any player this fall in Destiny: Rise of Iron, with an exclusive version for those who pre-order the expansion. Bungie revealed Destiny: Rise of Iron, the fall expansion that will release on September the 20th this year. With that reveal came details that a new version of the exotic called Iron Gjallarhorn would be a bonus to those who ...[Read More]

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