I must admit that when TheKinnock asked me to get PUBG, I wasn’t very keen about it. Mainly because I had just purchased H1Z1 which is pretty fun, has more players and it is pretty similar. At least that is what I thought back then. The truth is that they are very different. Gameplay Unlike H1Z1, Battlegrounds comes with a much wider weapon arsenal. You have sidearms, submachine guns (SMG...[Read More]

#I am 33.

I am truly inspired. Actually no, inspired is not enough. I believe that the correct expression is “mind blown”. That is the very first thought that came to my mind when I unpacked the vape mail I received late last week. I love vaping. After years of smoking and filling my system with all sorts of shit, I decided to convert myself into a vaping enthusiast. I am not sure if that is a c...[Read More]

Horror games: Dead Space Extraction

Several days ago, I was talking to Herbalist about horror. We then turned our attention to the Dead Space games. A beautiful series that blended sci-fi and horror to create an impressive series to date within this genre.   I shall be looking at Dead Space: Extraction, the prequel to the amazing horror, Dead Space that graced our homes in 2008. Extraction was released originally on the Nintendo Wii...[Read More]

It was a few days ago that I was online chatting with Reclaimer about the new Alien: Covenant movie. While our minds where travelling through space, we decided that we owe a specific kind of games a thorough review. I am kicking this off with Dead Space 2- an amazing game, which up to this day has some of its darkest moments carved deep inside my mind. I remember that night as if it was yesterday....[Read More]

Since last month, EXT Gaming has made significant steps to introduce new members and new gaming divisions on the PC world. Just like the good old times, highly competitive players, casual players you are all welcome to join our ranks. At the moment we are mainly focusing on Rainbow 6 Siege a game familiar for most of our PC players. We are also introducing Conan Exiles, CS: Go, Arma 3 Battle Royal...[Read More]

Since January, Elite Dangerous has had a few interesting developments that have had a profound impact on the gaming community. The appearance of an unknown vessel was a moment that terrified the people of Elite. Whilst travelling through Hyperspace, players would enter an unstable conduit and be pulled out into normal space. All ships systems would shut down, leaving you adrift in the void. Sinist...[Read More]

Dragon Age: Inquisition, developed by Bioware and released in November 2014 is a phenomenal game. Like previous Bioware titles, the scope of the game is incredible. Inquisition begins with such a violent and powerful start, it is so dark and mysterious you as the player can only wonder what has transpired. The introduction gives little away to reveal the true crisis that has befallen the people of...[Read More]

Call of Duty, a story told wrong.

Not many weeks ago Infinity Ward released their latest Call of Duty franchise: Infinite Warfare. Traditionally, in a market crowded with FPS games of all sorts, Call of Duty would arrive always late- just like the coolest kid on the block and steal the show. This…thing though not only doesn’t do that, but it fails miserably to compete with its predecessors (one of the best is sold in a...[Read More]

On November 15th 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved was released for the Xbox. This game marked the beginning of an incredible series developed by Bungie and later carried on by 343 Industries. The remake that came ten years to the day later was truly a masterpiece. The ability to return to the 2001 version of the game, achieved through the graphics switch was amazing. The gameplay identical to how it was...[Read More]

For the future generation

Here at EXT Gaming we are always looking for ways to generate a better and safer place for the youth. We started slowly by introducing the caddet program for underage children that seek a secure place to meet online, exchange ideas and to be part of a gaming organization that will provide the education and competitive gaming development for their future. Recently we sponsored the Meon Milton CC Yo...[Read More]

Halo 5: Guardians

On October 27th 2015, Halo 5: Guardians released and was very much a well anticipated game which would continue the story left off from Halo 4. The campaign begins with an introduction of Dr. Halsey, who created the Spartan II’s. The opening mission features Fireteam Osiris through a harrowing Halo jump and move through the chaos to their objective. This mission consists of the team traversing a F...[Read More]

The blacker the berry, the blacker the juice.

When it comes to organized crime games, there are two main competitors. Rockstars GTA & 2K’s Mafia. Today we look at 2K’s latest release and the highly anticipated Mafia 3. I have never been a MAFIA enthusiast, I had the chance to play the previous titles but I never did. Making this confession itself should be enough to get a few dislikes and enough hate mail to fill my inbox the ...[Read More]

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