Controllers vs Keyboards

Controllers vs Keyboards

Part 4 of the ultimate gaming setup and this one here is the battle of battles. The reason why PC gamers don’t want to play on a console, and vice versa for console players. The last years though we have seen a new hybrid human, the one who uses a keyboard and mouse on a console.



That is what the hybrid gamer is called the most and it is really mild thus I can share it here. But is it really cheating? Cross console gaming has been a wild dream a few years back and an impossible task however now it seems to be a reality. You can play Minecraft nowadays against who you want no matter what platform he is using. And that is only the beginning.

We are getting vibes that major tournament hosts are intrigued to allow the use of keyboard and mouse during cups and major league tournaments. It is inevitable, it was obvious that with these new generation consoles it was only a matter of time. And there is a huge number of players out there that use a converted to use a keyboard and a mouse for their sessions.


The only problem is that a gaming PC costs 1500-3000€ while a console costs roughly 300€. Not many have a steady flow of income to allow them a decent gaming PC. There are millions of reasons why people choose the consoles instead of the PC’s and Vice versa which I am not going to analyze here.



There is a huge variety of converters to choose from, some of them are better and some of them are proper poop. If you want to get a decent one with minimum input lag then you should definitely look for a XIM4. Yeah the price tag is big, that is also the impact it has on your gaming style. It is a completely different thing to have pixel to pixel spot on accuracy and ridiculous sensitivity, that is something a controller cannot do. What a controller does best, is that it is designed to be ergonomic, easy to handle and easy to use with all buttons right there, and almost each button doing one or more functions. Try that on a keyboard with the mapping all over the place and 22 buttons in use at the same time.

The XIM4 which price has now dropped a bit, but is still ridiculous is now around 100€. It used to be well above 200€ roughly 6 months ago. There are cheaper ones such as the Mayflash MAX ONE which is about 45€. Now these things, are pretty easy to use although they will add a huge amount of wires in your gaming setup.

Just for the record I have the XIM4, not to be called a cheater- because it is a necessity when they are allowed to use on tournaments. And by knowing that they are unofficially already used in tournaments (preliminary rounds and knock out stages)


Microsoft spent 100$ million to develop the Xbox One controller. Then they brought the ultimate, Xbox One Elite controller which really narrows down as the best gaming controller ever built by man not only to make it simpler for us but most importantly for them to keep companies such as Scuf, Razer etc out of the controller game for good. Oh, and have a look at the Xbox Design Lab in case you have a different opinion about this subject.

Just recently, the best Titanfall team Exertus Zen took part in a tournament and they were the only console playing team competing while all the rest where using PC’s- mouse and keyboard. They wanted to prove that the PC master race is nothing but a myth. And they did it, they were by far the best team in the tournament, they lost the final match 2-0 because they had to forfeit (one of their members got disconnected for several minutes and rules are rules). Differences nowadays are minimal to some games, while for other games a mouse can really make a difference. I personally miss the good old days when a console was a console and a PC was a PC, with the cross platform gaming abilities and the implementation of mouse and keyboard it is really hard to tell.

If you want my personal opinion about the converter I am using…definitely not worth its money could have easily paid only 10€ for it and still be pissed off about it. I am using a high end combination for my keyboard and mouse from Razor and Logitech yet the good old Savage XB1 by Prime Mate is so overpowering that I cannot stop using it.

Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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