#I am 33.

#I am 33.

I am truly inspired. Actually no, inspired is not enough. I believe that the correct expression is “mind blown”. That is the very first thought that came to my mind when I unpacked the vape mail I received late last week.

I love vaping. After years of smoking and filling my system with all sorts of shit, I decided to convert myself into a vaping enthusiast. I am not sure if that is a correct expression when significant amounts of money are transformed into cloud making machines that blow hot steam down to my lungs. Perhaps a vaping maniac, considering the rapid growth I have had, from innocent starter kits to massive wattage mods and all sorts of tanks that vaporize juice in the blink of an eye. Yeah, I am definitely the latter.

But vaping is not about big fancy mods and massive clouds, it is about flavor. And if there is one juice out there that everybody that vapes should know about, it is the Dead mans hand elixir.

Dead Mans Hand Ultra Premium Elixir


Dead Mans Hand Ultra Premium Elixir is aged in Bourbon-Soaked Whiskey Barrels. Yeah that is right, the process is unique. And because of that, each batch is extremely limited. And that my friend is the only issue, because simply this juice is absolutely mind blowing.

Last Thursday I received my parcel. Pretty damn fast considering that it came over seas, the parcel arrived within 5 working days. I literally pulled it off the hands of the courier and ran to the kitchen table where desperately I looked for a knife to reveal the occult themed glass bottles. The sweet vanilla and salted caramel flavor was already blooming, under a thick layer of bubble wrap. I wicked my Modfather RDA 30mm pocket cannon and was ready for the first experience. My very first words were ”holy smokes this is unbelievable”. I was inhaling so big hits that the entire kitchen was foggy.

17392232_10212254883828785_1084330680_nNo 33  Salted Caramel / Graham Cracker / Sugar Cookie / Bavarian Cream

You just cannot get enough. Number 33 is absolutely astonishing. Since it arrived I have already vaporized at least half of the 100ml bottle. The flavors are literally bouncing on the tip of my tongue and I simply cannot get enough of it. By far the best juice I have ever tried. And the clouds…Thick white clouds of sweet scenting vape fill the rooms I occupy. 3mg’s of nicotine to give you that little tingle and depth in flavor, 80/20 PG/VG to give you those humongous clouds.

I have been using the Modfather Voltrone 30mm RDA tank with this juice. At 190 watt and the glass tank for maximum airflow, the flavor is phenomenal

rt1l5a8719_5_origNo 66 Tahitian Vanilla / French Vanilla Custard / Madagascar Vanilla / Graham CrackerPie Crust

This one again is different. Sweet as number 33, but with a very unique aftertaste. Actually I am not sure if it is the Madagascar Vanilla or the the French Vanilla Custard that give this flower taste. Literally these liquids have blended so well in the whiskey barrels that my palate cannot distinguish which is which. I think that is the reason why I am vaporize more and more to get some ease of mind and perhaps an answer at some point.

I have been using Smok’s TFV8 Cloud Beast to accommodate this juice. At 150 watt, the flavor kicks in strong and the clouds are really big. Instead of getting warm hits, the 150 watt vaporize the liquid really fast and it is really smooth.


Unfortunately the #13 Vanilla Custard /Cheesecake Graham Crust / Ripe Strawberry / Sweet Cream / Hazelnut /Caramel batch was not ready yet and I didn’t get some at this shipment. I am going to place an order again in a few weeks to replenish my storage and If lucky enough I will get my hands around the #13 which I hear is absolutely ridiculous as well!

Dead mans hand elixir is by far the best liquid money can get you. End of story. If you love vaping and you respect yourself, you need to get these liquids while you still can. Remember that they are extremely limited due to their unique nature, their 2 month ageing process in the whisky barrels and of course the triple filtering to guarantee the smoothness. You can get them via the www.deadmanshandelixir.com website. Highly recommended, unparalleled flavor-unparalleled customer service. Well worth your money.



Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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