Destiny Rise of Iron: Gjallahorn for everybody!

Bungie revealed that Gjallarhorn will be able to be earned by any player this fall in Destiny: Rise of Iron, with an exclusive version for those who pre-order the expansion.

Bungie revealed Destiny: Rise of Iron, the fall expansion that will release on September the 20th this year. With that reveal came details that a new version of the exotic called Iron Gjallarhorn would be a bonus to those who pre-order Rise of Iron. This left many fans with questions whether the new, updated version of Gjallarhorn would be placed behind a pre-order wall, only available to those who shelled out the cash early.

During their live stream event, Bungie made it clear that all players who own the Rise of Iron expansion, no matter when they purchase it, will receive a quest that once completed, rewards the player with a Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. However those that will pre-order the DLC, they will receive the same rocket launcher with the same stats, but with a different skin, a black and silver version of the classic gold and white Gjallarhorn.

gjallarhorn preorder bonus

Rise of Iron‘s creative director, Chris Barrett said that the upcoming September, players will be able to go on a quest “to forge a new Gjallarhorn from the armor of fallen heroes.” From the story details that have been released it sounds like the exotic will be created from the armor of the Iron Lords, who take center stage in this expansion.

Gjallarhorn is a legendary weapon in the Destiny community, and was far and away the best exotic in the game in Year 1.

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