Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron


Destiny Rise of Iron expansion was released on the 20th September, and has transformed the game in a few ways. The game now features a far more efficient user interface in my opinion. The game changes include new enemy designs as well as Earth’s patrol area being further expanded to include the Plaguelands.



The Rise of Iron campaign is incredible, with a rich background into the lore of Destiny. The campaign begins with you heading towards to Iron Lord Temple after an impressive cutscene showing the death of the Iron Lords. This mission introduces you to the new social space which you first must reclaim from the Fallen, and on the way you encounter your first taste of Siva. Sepiks Prime, the Servitor you destroyed returns to cause more havoc. The plot for this DLC is incredible. Bungie have definitely gone a long way to expand on the universe they have created.  Especially since the original story was criticized for its lack of development. The final mission, Iron Tomb, is by far my favorite. I still enjoy dropping down the shaft to Site 6, where you must destroy the Siva replication facility. The final room is extremely dark. Siva is overgrowing everywhere, and you discover the bodies of the last three Iron Lords. Moulded by Siva, these deceased Iron Lords arise once more and shall try to destroy you. After a magnificent battle and a thorough usage of the relic, you defeat them.

The Rise of Iron campaign has definitely taken Destiny’s campaign in the right direction, by explaining the universe in more detail, and showing how the world Bungie created came to be as it is.



There has not been much of a change to the multiplayer of Destiny except for the addition of the new game mode, Supremacy. This game mode is essentially a kill confirmed situation. You defeat your enemy, and grab the credit they drop and increase your score. This game mode was interesting for a short while but gradually lost its appeal to me. Bungie have made some progress with connection based matchmaking, which does go a long way in the game mode Control. Through this you are less likely to encounter players who have poor connection and would disrupt the flow of the game. A regular occurrence at times in Destiny. If this was implemented into Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, I believe it would definitely make a huge impact.



The Rise of Iron DLC features quest lines to obtain more powerful gear as expected. Before I touch on those, I must say the Year 3 Moments of Triumph book is a much needed addition. This book provides players with the Days of Iron armor and ornaments as they progress through it. The book can be completed by achieving the targets set, which encourages players to engage in all that Destiny has to offer. An interesting and effective way to get players to experience other avenues of gameplay that Destiny has. Other quest lines included the one for the Year 3 Gjallarhorn called, Beauty in Destruction. This quest is triggered by Lord Saladin, and requires you to find seven Iron Medallions, it is also best to have already found 5 dormant Siva clusters. After this you must complete the missions that are highlighted and obtain your weapon. This quest line was impressive, so different from others ever experienced. Once you construct your weapon you have unlimited heavy ammunition to fire this tool at all who stand in your path. A Walker is even added for you to enjoy. Bungie for this quest definitely deserve a round of applause.



The new raid introduced in Rise of Iron is by far the most enjoyable I have ever experienced. In order to open the raid, you must charge three voltage collectors, which in a sense is similar to opening the Vault of Glass. This is where players had to hold three plates to create a tower which adds a sense of nostalgia. In this review I shall not be providing an extensive coverage of the raid but I shall briefly cover what aspects appealed to me. This raid is no longer heavily focused on the mechanics and player roles that were so intertwined into the Taken King raid for example. What I mean is that you cannot always have fixed roles, as Bungie encourage all players to engage in all aspects of the raid which is a huge improvement. It takes some getting used to with this as groups which would have had designated runners or floaters for example have to change their game style. This raid removes this requirement and this is noticeable by far in the last boss battle. Here players become empowered, similar to the relic in Taken King, and must slam Aksis on his back in order to stun him. This empowerment shifts and players must maintain clear communication in order to succeed as an empowered player is needed on all sides. Overall the change in mechanics are most welcomed, they changed the play style of Destiny, and I think for the better in terms of raiding.


Overall, Rise of Iron has definitely taken Destiny in the right direction, it is a shame the campaign is quite short. Overall with the changes to how the raid works,  I believe Bungie are moving in the right direction and it certainly shows well in the gameplay. I would rate Rise of Iron a 7.5/10, there is room to improve but we shall see what happens then in Destiny 2.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Rise of Iron, especially upcoming articles on complex quest lines to help you guys out there.


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