Deus Ex Mankind Divided the Review

Deus Ex Mankind Divided the Review


Deus Ex Mankind Divided takes place in 2029, two years after the previous game, Human Revolution. The game once more features the protagonist, Adam Jensen, who is now working for Interpol Task Force 29. The game begins in Dubai, an incomplete hotel is the map. The site abandoned after the dreadful “Aug Incident”, where two years ago, augmented people across the world lost control. The mission is simple, stop an arms deal for taking place and save the day. It may appear to be a simple operation, but Deus Ex has this habit of surprising players. The deal gets interrupted by dangerously enhanced mercenaries, who kill the target you were meant to acquire, but fail to escape when you disable the helicopter


After this, the player returns to the Prague to check in with Interpol, sadly after meeting a contact from the Juggernaut Collective (a group of hackers working to expose company secrets), the train station is bombed. You awaken in your bedroom and your augmentations are malfunctioning and you have to get them working again. The game from here starts to really develop the plot of what happened to Jensen in the last two years. Upon using impressive ninja skills, I made it to my contact Koller, by sneaking through a bookstore that was being raided by the local mafia. You discover that your body has experimental augmentations, like a nano blade you can fire at enemies, remote hacking, and even a Titan shielding, for those moments when you need a super shield in the event of possible death. The games plot develops further and you begin to suspect your boss, Jim Miller, who you believe may be working for the Illuminati. I know this games goes there and they do a fabulous job of it.  So after wire-tapping your boss and his super-secret meeting you then have to sneak around the trains station that got hit.


Now I love to explore and I discovered that I could use the ventilation shaft to get above the site and sneak to a circuit breaker. Here comes a moral dilemma, should I activate it and electrocute the corrupt cops or sneak on to steal the evidence. Sadly, I have a conscious and decided to press forwards and not kill anyone (I got an achievement for not killing anyone in game). Once this is done you go to the Utulek Complex, a ghetto for Augs to bring in the Talos Rucker leader of ARC, who are a group devoted to fighting for Aug rights, for questioning. Sadly he gets assassinated and you think Viktor, is someone worth investigating. Now after examining the evidence you stole from the train station, you have a choice, hunt down the bomb maker or engage in a bank heist and steal valuable corporate data. You can only complete one of the missions so choose wisely. For me, who needs morals? The bank job had me sold from the moment I heard of it. If you are wondering about the bomb maker, you just go to the cult hide out and convince her not upload her mind and give you the information you need and discover Viktor was behind the bombings.  Now back to the bank job, you have to sneak into the car park guided by the Juggernaut Collective, steal a data card from the boot of a car but make sure to disable the car alarms as you do not want the security guards to find you. Then work your way up to the executive offices, upload a dna imprint onto the cards so you may access the vaults in the basement. I in my stealth element maneuver around the back of the fountain on the vault floor located to the right of the elevator, and sneak over the security guards to the vaults and my god is this mission exciting. After all the espionage you travel to Switzerland and Viktor, happens to be waiting there to takes you out in one hit. He injects you with the poison that brought about the gruesome death of Rucker, but luckily it does not work on you. After waking up and sneaking through the facility and I have discovered two ways I can travel and avoid the guards, either through the conduits or I can drill a hole through the ice. Once you get back to Prague you discover the city is under Martial Law and anyone seen out shall be shot on sight.


Long story short once you are back, you break into the local mafia hideout and discover that the bad guys plan to attack London, and you head there to stop them. Now this mission is a tricky one. I bluff the guards who I realize are not who they say they are, and sneak to a security console and disable everything to make my steal play more easier. I then begin to knock the guards out one by one before moving to the reception hall. The reception hall is a nightmare, you need to covertly take out the guards, and if you trigger a panic, you have to rush to Viktor and stop him. Once I managed to take out all the guards, even though they collapsed in front of the guests who do not seem to care I press on. I find Jim dying as he was forced to drink the poison, I luckily have the antidote after completing the bank heist, and this is the only way to save him. I knew it would serve a higher purpose by going to the bank and this is the reward for it. I then leave Jim and sneak past the guards, stop the executives, and Brown, from drinking the poisoned champagne, and go to confront Viktor. Viktor has bombs in the residential building, and if you are not quick enough, he would set them off. Now if you are quick enough, and find the rare signal jammer you can stop him from setting off the bombs. After a gruesome boss battle where I was hiding in the ventilation shafts from his overly powered arm cannon I realize (7 deaths later) that I can take him out if I use an emp and then neutralize him. The game can end with Brown drying if you are not fast enough, or the bombs in the residential going off. Sadly, the game ends here just as the plot really starts to develop and you discover that the psychologist at Task Force 29 is actually an informer for the Illuminati in the post-credits.


The best thing about Deus Ex, is the ability to choose your combat style. I prefer to approach the game through stealth tactics. Therefore, I am perpetually in cover and sneaking through ventilation shafts. You can go in guns blazing the choice is yours. The game brings back the hacking feature, but if you are feeling lazy, create a multi-tool they open everything, but you lose the valuable experience and praxis kits needed to level up your abilities. The augmentations are also interesting in this one, when you discover all the experimental ones, you have to balance your system. By this I mean turning on one of these new augs would cause a major power spike, so you have shut off ones you are not using and keeping your system green to prevent overheating and serious glitching. Eventually you can complete the side quest to stop this and use all your enhancements to your hearts content. This feature made things interesting with the gameplay, as you have to constantly decide what enhancements to leave on and better yet, which ones to upgrade.


The multiplayer feature, the Breach, as it is called is an interesting game to explore cyberspace. This was done briefly in the campaign where you hacked data nodes, but the multiplayer takes it further. You hack data nodes, activate augmentations by using the limited memory your avatar has and steal as much data from the bank as you can. The higher your level, the more memory and gear you unlock and is quite a nice feature to have in the game.


I would rate Deus Ex, 7/10, the gameplay is impressive, the multiplayer is fun, but the campaign really lets the game down as it stops before it gets good. With the new DLC for the game coming out this September, I just hope it really adds to the campaign as that was my only disappointment when compared to the plot of Human Revolution.

Image Courtesy of Deus Ex Website.


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