Doom and Glory kills, that’s what Im talking about!

Doom and Glory kills, that’s what Im talking about!

Id Interactive has done it again, Doom is a single player campaign where your character is fighting against demon full rooms with his awesomely gore weapons, low ammunition and a severe lack of health pickups. Repetitive as it is- no matter how many times you play the campaign and at what difficulty, it is always good enough to capture your draw your entire attention. The multiplayer aspect though is a disappointment.

What is what.

The Union Aerospace Corporation’s research facility on Mars yet again finds hell on Mars, its employers suffer the demonic fury after learning the hard way not to play with things that might scratch back. Basically, they wanted to rob Hell from all of its energy resources…Your character wakes up strapped down on an examination bed. Your first weapon is a pistol which actually encourages you to  start using the Glory Kill. Basically, you shoot an enemy enough to get him highlighted in orange or blue (they are stunned for a second) then you stand next to them and press the melee button. That will tear their limbs, smash their sculls and rather satisfyingly beat them with their own leg or hand. The Glory kill can be a resourceful way of acquiring Health pickups. In a game that your health does not regenerate when not in combat, it is essential to keep on building on a Glory Kill momentum to stay alive a little longer. In all its gore, it also provides some peace of mind, as you do not consume ammo when you perform an execution and it makes you invisible so you are not attacked while on Glory kill mode.

The game is simple, consists of rooms with a security protocol that keeps all doors shut as long as there are alive demons in there. Once you kill them all, you can proceed to the next room. A repetitive hell, yet fun. Memories from all the previous Doom titles are enhanced with this long gone FPS design. However, it is effective and their design has paid off as any other FPS where your health regenerates would have you stay back and pick them off one by one. On Doom, the AI is not particularly smart so you can move backwards and dodge hellish projectiles while you shoot at them and down them. Then once their numbers have been reduced, pump the shotgun and start running forward and making circles around them in the room. Combine it with the Glory Kill and you will build a momentum that will have you running across the campaign with practically no time stand and stare the environment (which is pretty sweet I must admit).

The best weapon to use is the Super Shotgun, especially once you upgrade it to the explosive alternate fire. There are six more weapons to use, but that is the most effective. The Double-Barreled shotgun is not too far behind. The biggest disappointments where found in Rocket Launcher and Plasma Rifle, both of them felt very under powered. I highly recommend you use all the other weapons so that you get your shotgun ammo full and stick to it for the most part.


It is a fact that the BFG 9000 is one of the most glorified weapons on the Doom series and it does exist on this one as well. It manages to vaporize anyone and anything. It should hold a very significant role in your arsenal, remember to use it. It creates and ark of ionic green power that spreads from one demon to another- creating a chain reaction that fills the room with guts and splattered demonic parts. In all its majesty, it is so good to use when you stack up a pile of enemies. REMEMBER TO USE IT!


There is a wide range of enemies on Doom, basically you start against harmless zombies and occasional grunts and demons. As you progress you get more challenging foes that have deadlier projectiles on their weapons. The Boss fights though are brilliant. The have far more sophisticated attack mechanisms, and shooting them wont really work. You need to find a way to dodge them and shoot them on their weak spots. You will be challenged.

I highly recommend it if you haven’t played Doom before and this title definitely works for dedicated fans. The campaign was fun, it was challenging enough especially on the harder modes but the multiplayer is a let down. I say yeah to it, but if you want a competitive edge and good multiplayer, then wait for Quake Champions.

PS. Will we ever see a new Unreal Tournament on the new generation consoles or PC? I really miss that.








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