Dragon Age: Inquisition The Review

Dragon Age: Inquisition, developed by Bioware and released in November 2014 is a phenomenal game. Like previous Bioware titles, the scope of the game is incredible.

Inquisition begins with such a violent and powerful start, it is so dark and mysterious you as the player can only wonder what has transpired. The introduction gives little away to reveal the true crisis that has befallen the people of this land. This is a classic style used by Bioware. This has been seen before in the Mass Effect games. Especially Mass Effect 1. The introduction gives little away to the core mystery of the game. This is what allows Bioware to excel at the narratives they create. At strategic points in the game they reveal information that begins to fill in the holes and allow for the full realization of the threat to be understood by the players. In Inquisition, the true nature of the enemy is revealed once you seal the fade rift where the horror began. Whilst a celebration takes place it is ruined by the onslaught of the antagonist. Much of the mystery of the introduction is revealed in these few moments, and thus creates the perfect recipe to drive the plot forward after the crushing defeat you at first face.

Dragon Age: Inquisition, allows players to choose their style, there are numerous gameplay styles to select from. Whether you prefer to be a soldier, a mage, an elf, Qunari etc. there is something for everyone. Each style allows you to engage in the game in a unique way, and allows you to pursue unique dialogues that are only available to certain characters and classes. Whilst in combat your style comes to the test, as there are certain scenarios that can favor you depending on not only your class  but who your team is comprised of. For people believing that you can walk around slaying numerous enemies on a whim is not possible. I can travel to a relatively low level area and still take quite a beating from enemies. Archers are the worst, as they are can inflict significant damage to not just yourself, but also your comrades quite quickly. It is best to consolidate your defenses and choose your weapons carefully. Having several potions is also important, as the tide of battle can shift at a moment’s notice. Inquisition requires you to think of the battles you are about to enter and decide if you are ready.

Like all Bioware games, the romance choices are numerous for both male and female characters. For example, a male Inquisitor can romance, Cassandra, Josephine, Dorian and Iron Bull. A female Inquisitor can choose to Romance Cullen, Iron Bull and Solas. These are not all the romance options available. There are many choices. Certain classes may prevent a character from pursuing a romance with another character so it is best to keep that in mind. The romances themselves can be quite humorous and I recommend players attempt multiple playthroughs to truly experience all that Dragon Age: Inquisition has to offer in this regard.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is an incredible game, one that is vast both in its playable areas and its lore. It is a fascinating game to immerse yourself in. One that beckons gamers to return for more. The use of side quests to enhance the dialogue of the main story is appreciated, but it can get out of hand just how much you can do. For 100% completion be prepared to search every nook and cranny of this game as it will reveal so much more than you could imagine. Overall, I would rate this game 9/10 as it is truly a masterpiece and one that any Bioware fan would appreciate.


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