Elite Dangerous Aliens on the Frontier

Since January, Elite Dangerous has had a few interesting developments that have had a profound impact on the gaming community. The appearance of an unknown vessel was a moment that terrified the people of Elite. Whilst travelling through Hyperspace, players would enter an unstable conduit and be pulled out into normal space. All ships systems would shut down, leaving you adrift in the void. Sinister sounds would be heard as a shadow loomed over your vessel. Eventually you would come face to face with the unknown craft, as it positioned itself in full view of canopy. Whatever the motives are for this vessel are unknown, it would scan the target then immediately depart, and your craft would come back to life.Attempts to give chase have been futile, it leaves through an unknown form of faster than light propulsion. The energy left can be scanned, but no destination is known. All is known that if you have in your cargo hold, probes from various crash sites your chances of being interdicted increase. There is significant activity near Maia, but there are reports taking place even in civilizes space. Regardless, this is an exciting time to be in Elite.

Another exciting opportunity for players is the mission my Ram Tah, which can be collected from Felice Dock in Meene. This provides players to scan Alien ruins and uncover more information on the Guardians. The lore so far is extensive and five sites have been uncovered. In order to gather this data you need to collect 6 different artifacts and acquire two of each. This is best done in solo mode. Once you have these, you then take certain combinations to obelisks at the sites and scan them, if done correctly, you gain data about the Guardians, and also 1 million credits per scan. Another easier way is arrive at a site with people working in their SRVs to gather data. As long as you hover over the site, you gain the scan data and the million credits per scan as long as you have all 6 artifacts in your cargo hold, and two of each.

So far 5 locations have been discovered, two replicas of the first site, and another copy of a unique looking third sit found. The locations of each site are as followed. Site 1 is in Synuefe XR-H D11-102 1 B Lat: -31.7347 Long: -128.9212, site 2 is at IC 2391 SECTOR GW-V B2-4 B 1 LAT: -29.10 LONG: -30.51. Site 3 is found in IC 2391 Sector ZE-A D101 C3 Lat: 29.42 Long: -59.54, and site 4 is in Synuefe XO-P c22-17 c 1 Lat: 19.53 Long: -141.76. The final site can be found at Synuefe ZL-J d10-119 9 b Lat: -23.3821 Long: 178.9094. These sites are constantly full of visitors working to uncover the alien mysteries, but beware of players seeking to attack the unexpected.

I shall keep you guys posted on further developments in the near future of this wonderful universe we have.

Stay safe my fellow commanders as you chart the void.

This is Reclaimer signing off.

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