Elite: Dangerous the Review

Elite: Dangerous the Review


In June 2015, I purchased Elite: Dangerous whilst it was still in the preview program. Ever since then I have greatly enjoyed my time spent in the galaxy created by Frontier Developments. Elite: Dangerous is an open world game based on scale map of the milky way galaxy. This means that players are able to explore up to four hundred billion locations in game. The game has been steadily developing with new content regularly included. In June 2016, the Horizons DLC was launched. The new content brought to the game allowed for; planetary landing on certain astronomical bodies, and also included the SRV. The SRV allowed for players to drive, essentially an all-terrain vehicle on these planets that they could land on.


Players who start the game, begin in one of the central star systems in civilized space with a basic ship, the Sidewinder. It can be tedious trying to figure out what is the best course of action in the game to earn money. However, as an open world game the choice is completely up to you. The game features numerous careers you can invest your time into. Bounty hunting, trading, mining, and exploration. For me I first started off as a bounty hunter, in order so that I could make some quick money to customize my ship. Bounty hunting is done by scanning a ship, once it comes up as wanted you are free to engage, if you engage and attack a vessel before you complete the scan you run the risk of building up a fine. If there are security vessels nearby when this happens they will immediately target you, and they will kill you. Bounty hunting required a careful ship build, you need to pay close attention to your power distribution, shields and weapons. Getting the right balance will result in a smooth hunt. Trading, is by far an easier method to obtain money, whilst you can trade normal goods and deliver them to another star system this can be a slow process. You can perform slave trading missions, although these run the huge risk of fines if you are caught smuggling. Another method is rare trading. In Elite, there are certain space stations which sell rare goods, and these increase in value the further away from their purchase location. Once you have this mastered you can easily make 500,000 credits per run


Mining is one of the slower methods of earning money. You need prospector limpets to assess asteroids for high value minerals that you can then extract. You also need to purchase a refinery, and it needs multiple bins as you will refine more than one mineral and they need to separated. Whilst you are deploying your mining lasers you are vulnerable to attack and locations for resource extraction tend to be where NPC’s and other players shall ambush you. Another method to earn money, but required significant time invested to yield profits is exploration. Exploration is you flying out into uncharted space, and performing scans of the various star systems bodies. A trek to the galactic core and back, roughly 50,000 light years would yield about 20-30 million credits. This depends on how much you scan. With this career you will need; long range FSD (hyperdrive), huge fuel tanks, lighter modules, and the ability to refuel from a star through the fuel scoop.








The game also features CQC, a multiplayer mode where players can fight it out on various maps. Through this mode you start off with a basic ship and as you level up, you unlock powerful weapons and better ships to engage in battle. CQC offers players the opportunity to hone their combat skills without the risk of destroying their ship in game. In Elite: Dangerous, if your ship is destroyed, you can re-buy it for a fraction of its price.

With Gamescom 2016, it is revealed that the October update for Elite: Dangerous, titled Guardians has some amazing content. First, you can now become a space ferry, transporting people across the galaxy, and even take people on tours. Second, there is the fighter bay on the larger vessels which shall change how combat works in Elite: Dangerous. With this you can now hire pilots to assist with either flying your ship whilst you engage in combat or vice versa. Finally, there is a hint towards the inclusion of Aliens in the game, as the videos featured alien technology in them.

Elite: Dangerous is a beautiful game with stunning vistas, a true gem for any gamer who loves astronomy. Whilst the game is impressive, it can become quite repetitive and lonesome. I prefer to play this game whilst in a party with friends. Overall, I would rate Elite: Dangerous, 8/10 for what the developers have achieved in this game.

All images are my own from the Xbox One version of the game.

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