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Talking about a franchise as Call of Duty it is hard to find words that have not been used already. Black Ops 3 is the latest title from Treyarch. The story takes place in the year 2065 where advanced Robotics and Nano technology have dominated the military science. A breath taking story mode, accompanied by a very competitive multiplayer, Zombies and Nightmares guarantee the user epic moments and numerous hours of gameplay.


After the experiments with the EXO suits on Advanced Warfare that had many gamers wondering about where is this fiction-future FPS heading, Black Ops 3 introduces a much more balanced movement that allows the user to use the environment with ease. Water, gaps, jumps from 3 story buildings and free running bring the series an edge over any other FPS shooter in the market. The specialists have got unique capabilities that take some time to charge but deal a huge amount of damage on the opponents or provide a defense mechanism/attribute that can be used to confuse enemies or block different entry paths. Multiplayer comes with a huge variety of game modes to choose from, and a huge number of DLC packs are scheduled to be released in the near future.

The servers are flawless and hardly anyone has any connectivity issues.

What we like:

Everything. Black Ops 3 is a game that will capture the gamer interest from the beginning, it’s story mode is breath taking and multiplayer has made the biggest critics acknowledge that there is much more into this than extensive jumping.

What we dislike:

The multiplayer map selection. As always there are 2-3 maps that are fan favorites. This results in many games over and over again on the same map. I personally, like the variety of maps and do not like playing the same map over and over. It should be one round with one rematch possibility maximum. Hopefully in Treyarch, they will sort this out soon.

Buy or Avoid?

If you haven’t got it already, get it. If you do not have money for it, save for it. This is a must have game


  • Multiplayer
  • Story mode
  • Gameplay


  • Multiplayer map selection


Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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