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Lets talk about Rainbow 6: Siege

The Tom Clancy legacy has got a whole lot more interesting and competitive with the introduction of Rainbow 6: Siege. Featuring 20 operators to start with and vast variety of weapons and special attributes for each character it is versatile, addictive and establishes a new era in the e-Sports world! Considering the DLC packs that are scheduled in 2016 we are talking about a game with depth, that has a uniquely destructible world and provides the users many ways to attack or defend the objectives. The lack of a story mode is compensated with the Situations game mode, short missions to introduce gamers the operators and their attributes. Also by completing each Situation you earn a considerable amount of renown that allows you to unlock operators. The maps vary a lot, from a sub-urban area house to a consulate and from there to the Club House, that resembles the Sons Of Anarchy club house!


This is not a run and gun game. Gameplay is versatile and each game is different. It is a game based on teamwork, communication and a very tactical approach. The use of a microphone is highly recommended if not necessary. The use of weapons resembles the usage of real weaponry: expect heavy recoil, realistic weapon range etc. What is absolutely mind blowing about Rainbow 6: Siege is the sound. The usage of Surround Sound headsets is highly recommended as you can distinguish enemy movement in different floors. rappelling down the roof or walking on barbed wire.

What we liked:

Gameplay. It is remarkable, it is fun and we just cannot get enough of it.

What we hated :

Server issues. Although Ubisoft has done a huge effort to satisfy their customers, the servers have been a let down and there have been issues. The new update though, has been very promising and has sorted out a lot of issues.

Buy or not?

If you enjoy to play the objective and enjoy playing in a squad with friends, then this is the game to have. One of the best games for the Xbox One console at the moment. It will get better with the DLC packs.


  • Gameplay
  • Sound
  • Multiplayer


  • Servers
  • Lack of Story line


Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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