Official review-Star wars Battlefront


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Platforms: PC,Xbox one,PS4

Studio: EA Games- DiCE

The force is definitely strong with this one because for the last few months StarWars fans all over the world have got to play with their wildest fantasies from a galaxy far far away.

To be honest the single player mode is not very good (except the training) but hey that’s not why we bought this, we bought this to battle 20 vs 20 online battles that really are as hectic as they are fun.
With the inclusion of Star Wars hero’s which really are fun to play with and usually mean a great deal more kills this title is one of the most fun titles I have played of late and I’ve clocked up over 40 hours already and can’t really stop myself from playing.
The maps on multiplayer beautifully complement the Star Wars universe with great graphics and endless possibilities for tactical play.
Play it with your friends or on your own the fun just keeps coming and with the inclusion of free maps that will be coming out every so often you won’t really need to pay for the season pass but I had to as a chance to battle on Bespin cloud city and on the Death Star. It was too much of a temptation.
The weapons on the game come in a balance of varieties with different weapons being good for different situations making your choice of which a really tactical decision depending on map and location.
There’s also star cards and traits these are applied to your soldier to add special abilities which can be used and recharged to gain a tactical advantage on the battlefront.


  • Great fun to play
  • Nice selection of maps
  • Varied game modes


  • Season pass abit pricey
  • Could do with a better party system
  • Lack of game chat


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