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How much time does it take for a lethal pandemic to spread chaos in the modern world? The answer comes as a surprise to a lot of people and unfortunately it does not take long for chaos to take over.

The Division takes place in New York, where humanity has been struck by a smallpox pandemic, a virus that is among the most lethal viruses know to the human race and has killed more than 500 million up to this day. The disease has a mortality rate of 30-35% however, in labs, while trying to weaponize the virus into a biological agent, it has reached 85-95% mortality. Our world, as we know it, would collapse in a frenzy within 2 weeks. One by one basic services fail, running water, food & consumable distribution, medical aid and chaos will take over as humanity by all means tries to survive. It is a cruel world, where only the fittest survive.

Ubisoft has made a fantastic recreation of New York, where landmarks, back alleys and historical areas are being introduced to the user with a post apocalyptic twist. The streets are full of abandoned vehicles, civilians that are either infected or in the verge of collapse as they have witnessed humanity turn upside down.

This RPG is not a one time franchise. This can and most likely will be the beginning of a long journey for the Division to find a cure and save what needs to be saved. The open world enables team work for hours of exploring new areas, taking down enemies and assisting situations such as attacks on locations by hostile forces and/or hostage rescuing scenarios. The story mode which was available for the Beta was mind blowing and kept me going on for hours. Finally I was introduced to the Dark Zone. This competitive multiplayer environment is a completely new world. From the moment you enter the Dark Zone you understand that things are a lot tougher, everything takes part in the virus contaminated areas of the city and the user starts feeling the pressure as soon as the blockade doors close behind him.

The Dark Zone features stronger enemies with a more sophisticated AI that will hunt you down and do damage to you. Unfortunately, the enemies are not only computer generated. It is a multiplayer environment, where survival is for the fittest. Try and enter the Dark Zone alone and groups of rogues that hunt enemies as well as other players sooner or later will find you.

You have to team up, you have to grow stronger fast and you have to adapt.

What we love:

  • The recreation of New York, from the landmarks, to the subway it is an absolute work of art.
  • The vast areas and possibility to explore New York as you have never before.
  • The ground shattering difference between the safe areas and the Dark Zone.

What we did not like:

  • A/I controller enemies where relatively easy to take down even with only one member fighting against a bigger group
  • The length of the BETA version. Come on Ubisoft give us two more days…

What suprised me:

  • I feared that the marketing of Ubisoft’s The Division would be better than the game itself. I tried it for 1 hour. I pre-ordered. And I cannot wait for March the 8th


  • New York, New York
  • Vast exploring possibilities
  • Dark Zone


  • Enemy A/I seemed to have the same pattern over and over again
  • BETA version lenght


Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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