Good night, good luck. A genuine Horror Story

Good Night

Good night, good luck. A genuine Horror Story

Those of you who look at the first 4 words, probably already know what this is about. Yes, it is a long due review on the fantastic Dying Light.

I love this game. I love the way it makes the hair on the back of my head stand up every time I hear a loud scream somewhere close when it is pitch dark. I love jumping across rooftops and climbing communication towers. I love how it brought all those memories from the past when I used to do all that in real life. Without zombies and ruthless thugs. Speaking of zombies, I love the carnage in this masterpiece, this raw bloodbath full of guts, gnarly zombie teeth and brain splatter all over the screen. And all that in an EPIC FPS game that desperately screams for a sequel.



You are Crane, a covert operative sent to the city of Harran to recover a secret file, but you find yourself deep in sh##, infected and playing Russian roulette as a triple agent as you run errands for the city’s two primary factions while radioing information to your agency. Harran is at the verge of collapse, whatever is left untouched and uninfected is like a cornered animal fighting for its life.  Dying Light is a fantastic story, with the cut scenes well worth seeing and a very interesting story that will make you hold your breath and push you to your boundaries. All surrounded by a really well structured open world which in co-operation to the online features makes it a brilliant choice for a horror game. You can play the campaign on your own and have the settings on public, allowing others to meet you during your game and help you carry our missions and quests.



Carnage, the zombie fights are intense and they can be very unpredictable. You start fighting a couple of undead foes and in an instance you have been surrounded, your weapons are weared off and your only way out is to climb to higher grounds. There is a variety of zombies as well, volatiles (very strong foes) that come out after dark, runner zombies- I guess it is a just turned zombie which still has a lot of energy, hyped senses and a massive determination to beat the living sh## out of you. Then you got exploding zombies, vomiting zombies which add a nice depth in the gameplay.

Darkness. Are you afraid of the dark? Then you have to prepare yourself for this one as you will definitely lose your sleep. No matter how carefully you approach it, nightfall will always get the best of you and I guarantee it will be a challenge. Not to mention the psychological aspect of the game itself, as you are in the middle of a quest and the character stops doing what he is doing and takes a quick glimpse at his clock. 20:00pm, one word comes out of his mouth ”sh##….”. Yeah, a whole lot of it. Those moments where you run for your life, pitch black and you strafe to the back hit the flashlight only to see you are being chased. Then your stamina betrays you, you are slower you need to catch a breath. That is the beauty of Dying Light, you need to experience it.



There is absolutely nothing we hate about this game. It is bloody, it is hard, it is scary, it is fun. You need to try this. Highly recommend that you shut the windows, close the door, turn off the lights- get some 7.1 Surround speakers or Headset and have an extra pair of underwear cause you are going to need them.

Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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