Hitman: Gary Busey is the next elusive target

Hitman: Gary Busey is the next elusive target

Ever wanted to murder a celebrity? Well IO Interactive and Square Enix are going to make your dreams come true. As part of a “Choose Your Hit” promotion, we were able to vote for Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Thankfully, they’re both assholes, so we won’t have to feel have any second thoughts about killing them. The news though are that Gary Busey is the new elusive target and he has been available to assassinate since the 21.7.2016

la-me-ln-gary-busey-parking-lot-20150213Located in Sapienza, he needs to be tracked down and taken out any way your sadistic sick, sick mind feels is best. Even though Gary Cole ”lost” in the voting (He should probably be happy he lost, and wont get murdered by players) he is also in Sapienza to help you assassinate the US movie legend.

Hopefully Squad Enix will bring us Justin Bieber next…


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