I threw away one day playing PokemonGO

Not your usual game review.

I threw away one day playing PokemonGO

After a whole day of ”wild hunt” Herbalist places his phone down and grabs his keyboard to give his own thoughts about this new global frenzy.


Before I put anything on paper I need to explain to you all that I was part of the Pokemon generation, I grew up with them, with the anime furthermore with the GameBoy game and later on with the card game. I am a fan- not a fanatic but even that can come as a surprise for many of my closest friends, I am always excited when something new comes along the way featuring a childhood favourite.

PokemonGO is here to shake the ground of gaming for ever. It is the first mainstream game of its kind. Even though NIANTIC (Studio developer and with ties to Google) developed back in 2012 the game called Ingress which was the worlds first augmented reality mobile game. It was an enhanced reality game which implemented real life maps as a basis for its own virtual world. That is exactly what Nintendo noticed and one thing led to another so that 11 days ago PokemonGo was released.

What is it?


It really is simple, you download the game from your app store. After it is installed you put on your walking shoes and head out for a hunt. Using real maps and locations, the result is simply addicting. This brings memories of the Gameboy game, the only difference is that now you are the hunter and your neighborhood is the hunting ground.

For many, this all must probably sound incredibly stupid or a useless waste of time. For Pokemon fans though it is a dream come true. Don’t believe me? The amount of users of PokemonGO is bigger than the amount of Twitter users, in the US only. And that all, in less than a week. Moreover I am not making this out of head, it is verified by the Guardian! This global frenzy is so real, that Niantic had to postpone the release of the game in any other countries except the US, Australia and Japan simply because the amount of users was more than what their servers where capable of handling.

This used to be Central park.

Gotta catch ’em all.

Even that moto is so satisfying that you slam your face on your phone and you start hunting. I bet you have all heard the stories with car crashes, people walking in Police stations while searching for a pidgey or a charmander.  Even though it is not officially released in Finland, I found a way to go around it, the very same way million have done so far.

The beauty of it, is that you need to get your lazy ass off the couch. Because there you won’t catch anything. You need to get out there, burn those calories walking around searching for your childhood heroes. It is one thing to sit in front of your console or PC and another thing to be part of an augmented reality game which is really simple but yet very well done. (I will not judge Niantic for their servers, how the hell could they know it would be this big)?

As a major fan of console gaming, virtual reality but a true enthusiast of new gaming solutions which require the use of the entire body and brain I am scared about how big PokemonGO can grow in just a few months. And this is just one game, of an entirely new genre. What happens in the future when there is going to be something new? Just food for thought.



  • For the love of GOD, do not PokemonGo and drive. It is not just irresponsible and stupid, it is life threatening to everybody else on the street. And no, there are no good drivers and bad drivers- you need to keep your eyes on the street.
  • One hour of PokemonGo equals no battery left. Niantic is aware, they have already informed the users that they will try and work on the app so that it doesn’t consume so much energy.
  • Mind your 3G/4G usage as the game needs a steady data flow which you can have as there is no portable WiFi. One hour of PokemonGo on 4G equals with 120MB which is not much but for some it can be very costly if it happens on a daily basis.
  • Be aware of the surrounding environment. Due to the use of real life maps, Pokemons can appear anywhere, especially in the middle of roads. There have been already many incidents where users not paying attention have jumped in front of a car.
  • In the US police has informed users to pay attention, as many have reported stolen items from them (wallets, bracelets, bags) while playing and not being aware. (WTF?)
  • Rage quitters spotted already, people jumping out of moving vehicles, second story buildings when they weren’t able to catch a Pokemon. You guys need to chill. It is just a game. The other dude pulled over in the middle of a highway in Cincinnati  and caused a chain reaction. Thank God nobody was seriously injured. He responded to the police ”You gotta catch ’em all, you either take risks or you dont”.

You either go full retard, or you don’t.

Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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