Never fear, Kinnock is here

Never fear, Kinnock is here

Greetings fellow gamers and welcome to my blog, I thought I would kick things of with little introductory post. EXT has hit its first anniversary today and what better way to celebrate by chaining myself to a desk and bashing out some ad hoc verbiage for you.

I will tell what I am excited about in gaming at the moment and where my eye may rove in the upcoming weeks. I have been playing a lot more destiny in the last month or so and my opinion is this, the game still has many of the old errors and problems but I still can’t get enough of it. Whilst I’m excited for rise of iron and will definitely pre-order it I can’t forget the disappointment of previous DLCs for the game. Every time, really, every time so far there has been less content than promised, less weapons and loot and occasionally terrible lazy game modes. I am braced for more of the same as Bungie consistently allow their greed to stifle what could be amazing content. Hopefully I will be proved wrong but based on past form I am not convinced

I have been back on Rainbow Six: Siege a lot too. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say and the game is in great shape. It feels tight and the hit registration is not perfect but massively improved from the game’s rather patchy early days. Siege is unusual in the gaming world in that Ubisoft don’t seem to be letting greed ruin their content making. The season pass actually lasts a year as well which is surprising. Remember Evolved? the first season pass for that lasted about a week before you had to spend another £20 getting the second one. The new characters in siege are very cool and innovative too, the new level is totally different and extremely challenging for the unfamiliar. Having watched some extremely skillful Youtbubers on it though, the design is extremely clever allowing for some fantastic wall-bang opportunities and sensational flanks. One of the reasons I like coming back to siege the most though is that my EXT brothers are all great players so I always have a full squad of talented and agreeable players to play with me. The game gives hilarity and extreme tension in equal measure, it is a brilliant game that just keeps on giving.

Lastly I have been playing Overwatch with the EXT gaming team. Overwatch is a great game, don’t get me wrong. it is fast, addictive and extremely team orientated, but it is a game that has a few questions to answer in my opinion. The game has really come into its own over the course of the competitive season with some great games enjoyed by all but it has also exposed some flaws in the game that really need addressing. The biggest one is that certain combinations of heroes are really dominant and are used over and over again. This arises because some heroes have ultimates that are far more potentially game changing than the rest. The endlessly replicated scenario is this: you get a team with Zenyatta and Lucio, they wait until their ultimates are charged, rush the objective, boom! one ultimate goes off and the whole team are invincible for about 15 seconds, then the other so they are all invincible for another 10-15 seconds. If they do this every time it is almost impossible to beat them and gets very old very fast. One painful evening with the EXT gaming team we encountered a team that used only that strategy and the game matched us four games in a row! it was awful and ruined the game for us all. It will be interesting to see how blizzard address this, I think some kind of balancing is required but altering a character’s ultimate is a brave step and difficult to pull off without significantly altering the game.

Finally to sign off, I hope to see you again on here again, keep following my blog and our others and keep us informed on what you think.

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