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Doom and Glory kills, that’s what Im talking about!

Id Interactive has done it again, Doom is a single player campaign where your character is fighting against demon full rooms with his awesomely gore weapons, low ammunition and a severe lack of health pickups. Repetitive as it is- no matter how many times you play the campaign and at what difficulty, it is always good enough to capture your draw your entire attention. The multiplayer aspect though...[Read More]

Elite: Dangerous the Review

  In June 2015, I purchased Elite: Dangerous whilst it was still in the preview program. Ever since then I have greatly enjoyed my time spent in the galaxy created by Frontier Developments. Elite: Dangerous is an open world game based on scale map of the milky way galaxy. This means that players are able to explore up to four hundred billion locations in game. The game has been steadily devel...[Read More]

I began gaming at the young age of eleven (I am twenty-two right now), a Nintendo Gamecube was my first game console. My first game was Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. That title took me two years to complete and it brought much frustration, but immense joy when I complete it. Eventually I branched out onto the Xbox 360 and have been an Xbox gamer ever since. Games like Halo, and Mass Effect have forever...[Read More]

Never fear, Kinnock is here

Greetings fellow gamers and welcome to my blog, I thought I would kick things of with little introductory post. EXT has hit its first anniversary today and what better way to celebrate by chaining myself to a desk and bashing out some ad hoc verbiage for you. I will tell what I am excited about in gaming at the moment and where my eye may rove in the upcoming weeks. I have been playing a lot more ...[Read More]

Today our spotlight follows LordInsanity & Faded DM. Both of them are part of the Tom Clancy’s The Division department. Faded has been with us a couple of months, however he grabbed the opportunity and is leading a very talented group of individuals. LordInsanity is the Division Leader of the Tom Clancy’s The Division. A talented- well educated individual who enjoys toxic humor, a ...[Read More]

Hitman: Gary Busey is the next elusive target

Ever wanted to murder a celebrity? Well IO Interactive and Square Enix are going to make your dreams come true. As part of a “Choose Your Hit” promotion, we were able to vote for Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Thankfully, they’re both assholes, so we won’t have to feel have any second thoughts about killing them. The news though are that Gary Busey is the new elusive target and h...[Read More]

I threw away one day playing PokemonGO

After a whole day of ”wild hunt” Herbalist places his phone down and grabs his keyboard to give his own thoughts about this new global frenzy.   Before I put anything on paper I need to explain to you all that I was part of the Pokemon generation, I grew up with them, with the anime furthermore with the GameBoy game and later on with the card game. I am a fan- not a fanatic but ev...[Read More]

Elite controller, worth it? an experienced user’s opinion.

The Microsoft elite controller has been out for a while so it’s about time we got a review up after many months of intensive use. When it came out I wasn’t sure if the slightly heftier price tag was worth it and I was slightly hesitant to shell out for one. A combination of getting into competitive Destiny PvP and finding my local game store had one left made me cave in and I have to say it was de...[Read More]

Good night, good luck. A genuine Horror Story

Those of you who look at the first 4 words, probably already know what this is about. Yes, it is a long due review on the fantastic Dying Light. I love this game. I love the way it makes the hair on the back of my head stand up every time I hear a loud scream somewhere close when it is pitch dark. I love jumping across rooftops and climbing communication towers. I love how it brought all those mem...[Read More]

Let’s talk about CoD

When it comes to FPS games, one of the major players is the Call of Duty series. With millions of copies sold for over a decade it is one of the most successful franchises ever and millions of fans on all platforms. The upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare received a highly controversial welcoming from the CoD community. The beginning of the end? I highly doubt it. However Infinity Ward receive...[Read More]

Controllers vs Keyboards

Part 4 of the ultimate gaming setup and this one here is the battle of battles. The reason why PC gamers don’t want to play on a console, and vice versa for console players. The last years though we have seen a new hybrid human, the one who uses a keyboard and mouse on a console.   CHEATERS..? That is what the hybrid gamer is called the most and it is really mild thus I can share it her...[Read More]

TV or Monitor?

Approximately 2 weeks ago I was sitting in my living room and I was thinking how could I possibly get the best results from my gaming sessions? After a lot of research, listening to reviews for hours and discussing with some top notch gamers about their best gaming setup ideas, I decided I needed to upgrade a few elements. The quest started with the acquisition of a new Headset, (well technically ...[Read More]

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