PC Branch, new gaming Divisions.

Since last month, EXT Gaming has made significant steps to introduce new members and new gaming divisions on the PC world. Just like the good old times, highly competitive players, casual players you are all welcome to join our ranks.

At the moment we are mainly focusing on Rainbow 6 Siege a game familiar for most of our PC players. We are also introducing Conan Exiles, CS: Go, Arma 3 Battle Royale, Overwatch, For Honor and Wildlands. And there are just some of the games that gained our attention since we moved to the PC gaming scene. As far as I am personally concerned, anything goes. Our primary goal is to introduce EXT to as many players possible out there and to expand. If you wish to be part of us and you have ideas to expand us do not hesitate and send your application here!

Wildlands and For Honor are games that we are closely looking at. Both are really good candidates for our next gaming Divisions both on Xbox and PC. Inquiries on Xbox please message directly via Xbox Live: Extrememazikool or EXT Reaper.

New Setup:

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Since January EXT Gaming has evolved. We have moved away from the forums and we are now part of the Facebook workplace. We feel that moving to a user friendly platform that allows users to constantly be on top of things, notifications and ease of use is the only way forward. We would like to thank Facebook at work for helping us in the smooth transition process. For all interested in joining EXT Gaming, please note that upon acceptance to the community you will be invited straight to the Workplace app. The link will be sent to your email and there will also be download directions for the mobile applications.

The Workplace setup for EXT is a platform that allows all members full participation on topics, new ideas, new gaming divisions. Squads and Divisions have got their own private groups where you can develop your own approach on games, share thoughts and ideas.

Reminder that EXT is and will always be a non-profit organization that is free for all.






Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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