Playerunknown’s: Battleground.

The best Battle Royale game out there!

I must admit that when TheKinnock asked me to get PUBG, I wasn’t very keen about it. Mainly because I had just purchased H1Z1 which is pretty fun, has more players and it is pretty similar. At least that is what I thought back then. The truth is that they are very different.


Unlike H1Z1, Battlegrounds comes with a much wider weapon arsenal. You have sidearms, submachine guns (SMG’s), assault rifles, marksman rifles & Sniper rifles and the highly appreciated shotguns. You do of course get melee weapons and hand grenades, smoke grenades etc. Now each weapon can be fitted with various different attachments, from scopes to muzzle breaks and grips. It really helps a lot to get some good attachments on weapons. For instance range can be significantly increased, while weapon sway is reduced to a minimum. Having a very rare suppressor on the other hand, gives you the one thing you need the most: the element of surprise.

PUBG is the game for a more tactical approach. You drop from above towards the unknown, you must loot to survive and you need to fight to survive. Eventually. I don’t think that many games have been won by just avoiding conflict until there is only one remaining. H1Z1 is pretty much the same in that aspect. But it feels and is a lot more arcade. You can jump out of a moving vehicle, without taking damage and start shooting. You do not want to do that on PUBG, 99,9% you will die by getting wrecked by the speed, or the moving vehicle itself. The game is not made for shit like that, period.


This list is probably going to get updated really soon as they are always pushing more content out. Here you will also find details about the damage each weapons does, reload speed, rpm etc.

PUBG weapon chart

HERE! is a great video showing the dramatic differences you get from having attachments on your weapons. At this point I should mention that my favourite weapons in the game are the M16A4 which is a 3-round burst or single fire more AR, and the SCAR-L which is either full auto or single fire AR. Both are using 5.56mm NATO rounds. The M16 is more accurate than the SCAR, but the latter packs a punch. Sniper rifles are not very common, but if you get one do not hesitate. It can be a game changer. Just pair it up with another weapon for closer range.



The map is huge. I have a feeling that it is not as big as the H1Z1 map but I could be very wrong. Perhaps the smaller servers give that feeling, perhaps not. It seems to be based in an island somewhere in Ukraine near Sevastopol. There are various marks on buildings and in the area that this is taking place in a Slavic region (Cyrillic writing) and there are a few messages about Ukraine on at least 6 different locations on the map.

There are 6 big settlements on the map and one gigantic military base on the bottom south. There is also a power facility, a nuclear energy plant, bunkers and some barracks on the east of the map which is usually really rich in loot.

I enjoy to loot remote areas. Usually on solo, I dedicate the first 10 minutes of each round in getting best possible gear. I try to find the best possible area for my drop and I only kill if there is somebody close so that I can focus on growing my chances of survival. That can be easily translated into 4X Medkits, Painkillers and Energy drinks, Lv2 or 3 armor and helmet, and 150 rounds of ammo per weapon. You can easily survive with less but I do not recommend it. You will eventually have to fight your way out of a situation as the game progresses. And in the final moments you can forget about looting.

At this point I think the best thing to do, if you are just getting introduced to the game is to go have a look at TheKinnock channel on YouTube as he has a brilliant guide about how to be a better noob on PUBG. It is a great way to start around your game. There have been a few changes on the netcode and on the servers since he posted that video but in general the game is exactly the same. As we are progressing to the full release of the game expect some more changes to take place, destruction on buildings and the environment and a leaping mechanism as it seems ridiculous to jump over objects of fences over time.


It is all about the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. If ever asked I would answer yes, yes and yes to the following enigmas: Would I give up H1Z1 for PUBG (already have.) – Do I still enjoy it (even though it pissed me off from time to time)- Is it the best Battle Royale game out there. So there you have it, in a nutshell. Please comment below your thoughts on the game, let me know how you enjoyed this review and add me on steam ext.herbalist because I wan’t to play with new minds and meet more people.  Don’t forget that my stream is now on a weekly basis HERE!

I will be streaming 5 days a week for 4 hours per session (minimum). What I will be streaming is mainly PUBG, BF1 and R6S. Drop a follow to stay tuned with my streaming hours as occupation and family do bring occasional changes in the schedule.

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