Rainbow Six Siege: a noob’s guide


The Rainbow Six Siege community is in rude health. Over a million people now play this game regularly and the number is going up. This is fantastic as I was one of many who worried about the longevity of a game that seems so simple in its concept. Fortunately, the execution on Ubisoft’s part has been fantastic and they have not only righted so many of the games early wrongs but they have delivered a game that is simple yet incredibly complex with new strategies and spots being found on a weekly basis. For a game that has now had millions of hours of play put into it to keep giving moments where you are blown away by new tactics and spots almost every day is an incredible achievement.
The game can be daunting for new players as the skill gap between the experienced and the uninitiated can be enormous at times. For this very reason I’m going to cobble together a list of what I think are very important tips for the new player to know, they could be the difference between winning and losing in this game so please have a look.

1: use your drones wisely

Always try to keep your drones alive, you never know when you will need them. Personally once the objective has been found I try to put my drone in a flanking spot to watch my team’s flanks or to help find roamers. If you spot a Pulse, Valkyrie or Jaeger sauntering off to another part of the map, follow them, this way your team can wait for the inevitable flank and take them out with ease. If there is a drone or a camera in a great spot don’t waste it by spotting people with it. Not only will they probably take it out but if they don’t know they’ve been spotted, they won’t expect your team mates hiding around the corner!

2: batten down the hatches

Always, always have someone go upstairs and reinforce the hatches above the objective. Nothing ruins a perfectly defended room more than some geezer trying to shoot you through a hole in the roof. A good team will punish you every single time and it means you always need half an eye on people dropping through the hole for the rest of the round. Conversely, it’s always useful to destroy hatches in the floor of the objective. If you end up with some pesky attackers outside the room you can drop down and flank them, one of Herb’s favourites

3: get those roamers

Speed is of the essence in this game when attacking but it is important to make sure you can push in unmolested. If you have listened to my first piece of advice and know how many roamers there are and roughly where they are, you will now be able to push them as a team and take them down easily. Nothing is easier than a 4 or 5 on one take down in this game and if you play your cards right that’s exactly what will happen. Once the roamers are down you can push the objective as a team without too much worry.

4: don’t get greedy

It isn’t only important to know when to push but also when to back off and try another approach. It is easy to get a feeling of invincibility after getting a kill flanking or spawn trapping in this game. Never push it too far at the points. If you die, your team will lose the advantage you have just given them. if you outnumber your opponents they will play more cautiously giving you time to communicate and deal with them. If you lose that advantage they will be more aggressive and could cause you problems. Matches can go from 5v5 to over very fast if people give away stupid kills and a succession of losses can cause the other team to stampede at you requiring luck to get out unscathed.

5: communication and map knowledge

These two go hand in hand, you cannot communicate effectively without sound map knowledge. Unfortunately, there is no quick shortcut for learning maps other than playing the game. If you are not confident in on a given map, avoid using lynchpin characters like Thermite as this can dearly cost your team if you waste them. Keep calm, avoid shouting unhelpful things into the mic and make sure your team know who killed you and where from if you die. Being a coordinated team is key to success in this game and it quickly becomes obvious if you are playing a team that are communicating well as they will quickly foil even your best laid plans if you give the game away.

6: watch your back

When you are going into a map, be it a small one like house or a large one like consulate, always make sure someone is watching for potential flanks. I usually let the best fraggers on my team push forwards and I cover their backs so they can do their best work. Against a half decent team, flanks will happen every round so it is imperative that someone on your team is anticipating them and watching. This is an effective way to passively remove enemy roamers as well.

7: have a balanced team

Not everyone likes to play Thermite and Thatcher on offense or Mute and Rook in defence but someone has to. Without them you are almost guaranteed to hit situations where you wish you had them on your team. Almost every map has one or two objectives where a team missing those two operators will find it very hard to win. We’ve all been in the situation where we could have easily thermited a wall but have no Thatcher or where the enemy have easily gained entry as there were no suitable gadgets to stop them and it can lead to throwing rounds away unnecessarily.

My final piece of advice would be to immerse yourself in the community and watch some of the great content on Youtube pertaining to the game. You learn a hell of a lot watching players like Serenity17 and Macie Jay as they always use the nastiest spots and flanks. These guys make it their business to know all of the latest tactics and hiding places and can always get the best out of their chosen operators. I have really improved my game from watching these guys and I would recommend you do too. Happy hunting.

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