Xim4 Console Controller Adapter Converter

Xim4 Console Adapter Converter While users of both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will still be using standard controllers or Xbox One Elite controller me included for first-person-shooters for the foreseeable future, the creator of XIM4 Console Adapter Converter is hard work hacking. The use of this device and software system has a lot of potential for those wishing to win at all costs – it’s...[Read More]

Doom and Glory kills, that’s what Im talking about!

Id Interactive has done it again, Doom is a single player campaign where your character is fighting against demon full rooms with his awesomely gore weapons, low ammunition and a severe lack of health pickups. Repetitive as it is- no matter how many times you play the campaign and at what difficulty, it is always good enough to capture your draw your entire attention. The multiplayer aspect though...[Read More]

Today our spotlight follows LordInsanity & Faded DM. Both of them are part of the Tom Clancy’s The Division department. Faded has been with us a couple of months, however he grabbed the opportunity and is leading a very talented group of individuals. LordInsanity is the Division Leader of the Tom Clancy’s The Division. A talented- well educated individual who enjoys toxic humor, a ...[Read More]

Today our spotlight follows EXT D4rkh4n, our very own Mr. French Magic. His name is Colin and hails and lives on the north of France, where he enjoys a good glass of wine from Burgundy, goat cheese and ofcourse bagguettes, frog legs and croissants. All that typical French stuff you would expect from a typical French man.  But Colin is far from an ordinary French man. Let’s see what he has to...[Read More]

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