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Since January, Elite Dangerous has had a few interesting developments that have had a profound impact on the gaming community. The appearance of an unknown vessel was a moment that terrified the people of Elite. Whilst travelling through Hyperspace, players would enter an unstable conduit and be pulled out into normal space. All ships systems would shut down, leaving you adrift in the void. Sinist...[Read More]

Elite Dangerous: Guardians 2.2 Update

Elite Dangerous featured a significant update on the 25th October called Guardians. This update featured numerous changes to the gameplay and refreshed Elite for players. New features included the Beluga Liner, essentially a space ocean liner in Elite. This allows players to purchase numerous passenger cabins and transport individuals and the rewards are usually in the millions for these missions....[Read More]

Destiny: Rise of Iron

  Destiny Rise of Iron expansion was released on the 20th September, and has transformed the game in a few ways. The game now features a far more efficient user interface in my opinion. The game changes include new enemy designs as well as Earth’s patrol area being further expanded to include the Plaguelands.   Campaign The Rise of Iron campaign is incredible, with a rich background into...[Read More]

Ark Survival Evolved – Game Preview

In December 2015, Ark Survival Evolved came to Xbox One. The game is essentially an open world environment where players must survive on an island from dinosaurs and other hazards. When you load up the game, you appear in one of the designated spawn zones that range in difficulty. It should be noted that upon spawning you have no items or weapons, and must gather resources to ensure your survival....[Read More]

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