For the future generation

For the future generation

Here at EXT Gaming we are always looking for ways to generate a better and safer place for the youth. We started slowly by introducing the caddet program for underage children that seek a secure place to meet online, exchange ideas and to be part of a gaming organization that will provide the education and competitive gaming development for their future.

Recently we sponsored the Meon Milton CC Youth FC from Portsmouth. It is a combined effort from our gamers, that under the EXT Gaming logo wish to financially support the Youth Academy and to provide the future champions with their weekly training needs. It is the best thing this community has done by far.

Meon Milton CC Youth FC is a FA Chartered Standard Club. FA Charter status means that the football club as a whole has met the necessary criteria from the FA, as they have FA qualified coaching staff, Child Welfare Officers & have appropriate codes of conduct to promote football in a positive manner. For us here in EXT Gaming, seeing the young players develop and prevail makes us happier than ever.

Winter is now upon us, the under 9 Bradburys are in need of warm clothing for the long winter season training sessions. Starting from tomorrow, we are unleashing a new campaign which this time is going to be bigger than ever. Together we can build the dream for these kids, by supporting them every way possible.

  • As Battlefield One is going live on the 18/10/2016, we will be streaming all events on our official Twitch Channel.
  • You can send donations anytime via PayPal here:
  • e-mail inquiries:








Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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