Titanfall 2 or yet another CoD

Titanfall 2 or yet another CoD

Should I be excited?

The first Titanfall was not as good as I hoped and now Titanfall 2 Tech test has been available for test runs. I am confused though as it most certainly resembles the latest CoD games. I guess it is something to expect as the game developers where working for Infinity Ward a few years back.

Am I a Titanfall fan?

Most certainly I am not, although I do like good all around FPS games. Is this a good all around game? I will just say that at this point it is what it is and there is no much room for complacency and switching around stuff. That is why there are test release versions, to see how servers work, potential bugs that the community will spot through intense gaming weekends. The game is released in exactly 59 days from now. Do you honestly believe that there will be a groundbreaking change to its core? Lets cut the crap shall we? For any angry Titanfall protector on YouTube that is making videos to protect I don’t know who’s interests with Titanfall 2, you can feel free to link this opinion to his comments. On the positive side of things, there have been dramatic changes to the first game.

Should I be excited for the more complex maps?

The battle grounds offer a lot more flanking possibilities and combat approach variables and they are designed to serve the cause of the movement mechanism. It really resembles so much to CoD on the movement and fighting aspect that I am struggling to find any differences. However the bigger maps and the added vertical aspects give more depth to it, in comparison to the first game. Ofcourse, the maps seem big when you are running and jumping around with the grunts, but when you use a mech, the size feels automatically smaller (due to mech size).

Lack of imagination?

On a personal level, I think that Titanfall 2 offers nothing new, nothing we haven’t seen on any of the latest CoD games. For example: grappling hooks, gravity grenades. Yeah you got the bigger maps than CoD and mechs to play with but what purpose do they cause? Even the graphics feel terribly neglected. We are in the end of 2016 gentlemen, have a look at Frostbite and its potential.

At this point, I think that Titanfall 2 might get some more fans only because of the solo campaign which was non existent on the first game. I think though that the Titanfall 2 project will fall faster than it was developed for a series of reasons:

  • The reception that the recent CoD: Infinite Warfare had from the loyal fans. All this futuristic stuff is getting out of hand and the community is getting bored.
  • Being completely neutral to both games and not a fan of either, I can hardly tell a difference.
  • Graphics seem unattended and sloppy, especially when we are in the 4k era and you should expect much more.
  • Yes. it is a pre-Alpha test release BUT there are exactly 59 days until it’s release.
Reasons to buy it:

If you like games as such and you want an alternative to all the other shooters that come out this fall then go for it.

Reasons not to buy it:

All the above mentioned.


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