TV or Monitor?

TV or Monitor?

Approximately 2 weeks ago I was sitting in my living room and I was thinking how could I possibly get the best results from my gaming sessions? After a lot of research, listening to reviews for hours and discussing with some top notch gamers about their best gaming setup ideas, I decided I needed to upgrade a few elements.

The quest started with the acquisition of a new Headset, (well technically it was a repurchase of the A50’s I was already familiar with) and then a microphone for streaming purposes (Raizer Seiren Pro). What next? I was fighting between two, to get a new TV for the console and move it to the office or should I just get PC monitor.  That way I would get peace of mind, finally, by allowing my wife to watch anything she wants on the TV but most importantly to give myself a much better gaming environment.

I started looking over the Internet for the 27-inch monitors even though my mind was telling me that the 55-inch UHDTV curved Samsung would be a brilliant addition to pick it up a notch. Does size matter in this case? Here is some things you definitely need to know before you make any purchases.


Pixel density, or simply the number of pixels packed into one square inch of the screen. A 15.6-inch laptop screen has the same number of pixels as the 32-inch HDTV screen, but the laptop has a much higher pixel density (141.21ppi) than does the HDTV (68.84ppi). Thus, the laptop’s screen will appear clearer, sharper, and more detailed than the HDTV’s screen when viewed from the same distance.

Basically a larger but less pixel-dense HDTV screen will display text, icons, and images as blurry and difficult to read if you’re sitting on a normal viewing distance—a couple of feet—away from your computer.

Not to mention that a PC Monitor, which is perfect for gaming and most of the monitors in the market are designed for that reason specifically, are much cheaper than a brand new HDTV. You can get a very good monitor for 200€.’


Input lag is the delay between movement you make on your input device (for instance, your mouse or controller) and what displays on your screen. While many computer monitors prioritize minimal lag times, many HDTVs do not, and prioritize video processing instead. But those extra milliseconds will definitely make a difference when you’re playing a high-stakes FPS such as CS:GO, Rainbow 6, Battlefield etc. You should look for a HDTV or a monitor that has a GAME MODE function.



I mentioned earlier that a good monitor goes for about 200€. At that price you can easily get 27-inches at 144Hz and a 1ms input lag which is great. If you are looking for a HDTV at that price they are at the best case scenario 720p. If money is not a concern and you wanna go for the size, then keep in mind the pixel density. Size does matter, and from a closer range it will be blurry and really hard to read small letters that is why you will have to take several steps back to be at the optimal range from the screen. Then there is another very important factor.

Body stance. I am more familiar in playing on a PC than a console. Even though nothing beats a humongous UHDTV to play Battlefield on, with a kick-ass home theater to boost my veteran neighbors PTSD 24/7. That requires me to sit back several meters from the screen in a much more laid back position. With the PC monitor I am currently using, my back is on upright position as it is meant to be to avoid fatigue and back injuries. While I play THE most demanding FPS in the market (Rainbow 6 Siege) where I have to search pixel to pixel to spot the enemy a huge TV does not serve its cause. Simply because the pixel density makes it blurry and hard to identify the targets. In these two weeks of going back to the PC monitor I have seen a tremendous difference in my gaming style and my results on the boards.


It all comes down to your needs as a gamer. If you want to chill back while you build the realm of your dreams on minecraft- go ahead and do it on your HDTV whether it is 720p or you have spent bucks on it and your resolution rocks. But for highly competitive, a PC monitor is definitely a must have solution.

This week we will look for the best gaming controllers in the market as well as solutions for using a keyboard and mouse on your console.




Herb is the founder of EXT Gaming. When he is not playing, he is probably vaping and thinking about gaming.

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