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I began gaming at the young age of eleven (I am twenty-two right now), a Nintendo Gamecube was my first game console. My first game was Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. That title took me two years to complete and it brought much frustration, but immense joy when I complete it. Eventually I branched out onto the Xbox 360 and have been an Xbox gamer ever since. Games like Halo, and Mass Effect have forever captured my attention and not just because they are such mainstream titles. They offer enjoyable gameplay and campaigns that call me back to them. When I see a game I see a world to explore (unless you have a horror otherwise you better run), and work with your friends to achieve something, or if you are feeling particularly naughty totally rob a kill off them, and yes I have clips of this.

As a gamer I am more interested in the campaign and background of the various titles I play. The greater the depth the story the more I feel immersed in the game. Notable examples of this are; Halo, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Destiny, Deus Ex, and the Metroid Prime series among others. However, I am more than willing to give titles I would never consider a chance a play just to discover something new to enjoy. I feel games such as Elite Dangerous and Ark Survival Evolved have done this for me. I will provide coverage of them in the near future. A regular feature to expect is of me documenting primitive plus on the Xbox One. A few friends of mine have a dedicated server, and I want to use this blog as an opportunity to showcase their amazing buildings. They plan to establish towns which would battle one another and it sounds like a wonderful piece of content to document as it develops. With Elite Dangerous I shall document my travels and show you guys the beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy as I explore uncharted space. Through this blog I hope to provide you my readers with a variety of titles to explore.

This blog shall serve be used to review the various games I play and tell you guys what I think about them. I shall also be providing mini entries on the titles I play with my fellow clan members. Highlights in the form of game clips shall be included to show you guys how me and my buddies play. Expect us to do exceptionally well, or get caught up in the moment and die a painful death. No matter what you should expect something amusing from the EXT gamers and myself. I also plan to provide posts about the lore of games I play, such as Destiny and Halo to provide you readers with some understanding of the greater universe and come across unexpected plot twists. My personal favorite is, Oryx, the Taken King from Destiny year two. Why? Because many gamers still either are not aware of or are in comical disbelief about the history of the hive.


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