Xim4 Console Controller Adapter Converter

Xim4 Console Controller Adapter Converter

Xim4 Console Adapter Converter

While users of both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will still be using standard controllers or Xbox One Elite controller me included for first-person-shooters for the foreseeable future, the creator of XIM4 Console Adapter Converter is hard work hacking.
The use of this device and software system has a lot of potential for those wishing to win at all costs – it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to destroy your enemy with a mouse in a shooting game than it is with a joystick. While the creator of the XIM4 suggests that it’s been difficult to overcome the massive amount of work developers have done in optimizing their games for joysticks, it’s been worth the time in creating “Smart Translators”. The creation of “Smart Translators” has allowed XIM4 to essentially become a plug-and-play setup for the end user.
I was using the Xim4 almost daily for a month but now it has been stored away now for about 7 months, why may you ask, well for the simple reason BF4 was getting to me and BF1 is just around the corner so now I thought I’d do a quick review, maybe it’s helpful to the people who are considering buying this product.
You can buy the adapter directly from their homepage  www.XIM4.com shop for the going rate of $125.00
I am using with the Xim4 the Logitech G502 mouse, Logitech hard gaming mouse pad and Logitech G13 keypad.xim-0031
Setting up the Xim4 was very easy, instructional videos were very clear and updating firmware and Xim4 manager was no problem. Took me around 20 mins I’d say.
Before I got the Xim4 I was very sceptical if there would be input lag, even the slightest input lag would annoy me. But, there is absolutely no input lag at all, moving the mouse transitions perfectly in game and it doesn’t feel sluggish whatsoever.
I’ve played FPS games for 5 years now and It works flawlessly. Games i`ve played with the Xim4 at the moment is Battlefield 4, will be adding BF1 to it as well, I can just say it again, it works perfect. 🙂
Another thing I love about the Xim4 is the Xim Manager, you can switch/set up your hotkeys/sensitivity for a game within seconds, while you’re in game by using your mobile/Tab App Xim manager. But you still need to be able to tweak the settings, choose the games you want the Xim4 to work with, and bind all your keys to buttons on the controller. You do that via the Xim4 Manager, which is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

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The Xim4 manager is an ugly hack looking piece of software, but it has the ability to save profiles, so you can make one for every character on COD, Overwatch or every class on Battlefield 4 etc. etc. Setting up each profile takes time. It’s not easy. If you are planning to grab a Xim4 and get to playing games in under thirty minutes you’re probably out of luck. The set-up and keybinding process can take anywhere from a minute to twenty minutes, and after that you have to tweak—a lot.
The Xim4 is just amazing. I’d recommend the Xim4 to anyone that is interested in using mouse and keyboard on consoles. Hopefully this will help somebody who is still thinking about getting the Xim4!
Other products on the market are the CronusMAX plus price wise around about 55 Euros, available on most Websides
”Consoles are living room experiences. XIM will take opportunities to enable mouse (and “mouse-like”) gaming from the couch. This includes support for wireless hand-held devices. It will also take opportunities to enable “surface-free” mouse-like gaming.
We are very interested in adapting the upcoming Steam Controller for console gaming. XIM4 is in a unique position with its Smart Translators to make a device like that work very well on consoles.”
 – XIM4 developer OBsIV


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